A few commented links for academic writing:

Dan Simons’ writing and revising guide – Very handy 8-page PDF from an experienced scientist and writer.

What is your best (academic) writing tip?” – A helpful twitter thread with lots of useful tips from experienced academics.

Writing in the Sciences” – Excellent comprehensive 8-week (~50 hours of effort) MOOC (free!) at Stanford Lagunita

How to construct a Nature summary paragraph” – Annotated example (1-page PDF) how to structure a good abstract (of course for any journal).

(A few examples in favor of the “Oxford comma”: here, here, and here. 😉

Reporting Statistics in Psychology” – Useful 7-page PDF to look up how to report statistical results in APA format (incl. rounding guidelines, etc.). Although it uses SPSS output, it easily translates to R output.

A novelist’s useful tips on how to write a great science paper.

Writing concisely” – concise (what else?) handout how to avoid wordiness.

Dan Quintana’s concise blog post on “How to respond to reviewers’ comments on your manuscript“.

Another one of Dan Quintana’s useful overviews: Improving your PowerPoint presentations – slides on OSF, twitter thread.