My name is Michael Gaebler. I study how subjective experience relates to psycho-physiological processes.
My research thereby focuses on the physiology of the processing, the experience, and the regulation of emotion and stress in pathology and health.
To investigate the mind and its relation to brain-body-environment interactions, I try to use all suitable methods from conceptual-philosophical to data-driven statistical learning techniques. In addition, I work on increasing the ecological validity of neuroscientific experiments using ambulatory assessment and virtual reality setups.

On this website, you can find details regarding my research and scientific contributions.
Further information can be found on my profiles at ResearchGate and Google Scholar, my private blog, or my Twitter account, of which you see a stream below:

Peter König

Help replications by citing (Smith 1998; replicated by miller et al., 2017). Then citations of replications go up and editors reconsider.…