The members of the Mind-Body-Emotion Group can be found at the “mothership”, the MPI CBS (Leipzig), at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (Berlin-Mitte), and at the Max Planck Dahlem Campus of Cognition (Berlin-Dahlem).


Dr. Michael Gaebler
Email: gaebler∂cbs.mpg.de
Phone : +49(0)341 9940 2309

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Thanks to all for joining us! (Also for those who couldn't:) 📊 My slides can be found at tiny.cc/PuG My talk on "advances in (mobile) #ECG featured work by @MarieUhlig1 @toninfrc @flxklotz @johnhci @JohanneTromp @luisqtr0 @jeroenduhmooij and many others #PuG2023 twitter.com/julian_e_reise…

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